CMDI hailed as Business Math Champion in the 1st ABM Cup 2017

The CARD-MRI Development Institute, Inc. (CMDI) joined the “1st Accountancy, Business, and Management (ABM) Cup 2017” and emerged as the champion in the Business Mathematics Category on March 3, 2017 at the St. Anne College, Inc. in Lucena City.

The Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA) conducted the said competition with the theme, “Like a Boss: Accountant’s Guide to Success”.

The regional inter-school quiz bee competition, which will be conducted annually, is an academic event of JPIA open to all colleges and universities in Region 4 offering ABM track to Grade 11 students. This year, 270 delegates (86-88 students per category) from 23 schools participated in the following ABM subjects/ categories: 1.) Organization and Management; 2.) Business Math; and 3.) Fundamentals of Accounting, Business and Management 1.

The competition aimed to: 1.) encourage academic excellence among Grade 11 ABM students; 2.) broaden student’s understanding with the ABM lessons; 3.) assess student’s current knowledge through a friendly competition; 4.) boost camaraderie among participating academic institutions; 5.) let participants show their abilities; and 6.) improve student’s logical and problem solving skills.

Grade 11 students, namely: Rein Romari Malabana, Mike Diane Chelle Vio, Rica Jane Espinosa, Marinela Hernandez, and Trisha Joy Ancajas performed excellently in the Business Mathematics category, garnering 328 accumulated points to clinch the top spot. Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation—Lucena and STI College Lucena were at second and third place, respectively. Rein Romari Malabana placed second in the overall ranking. In addition, Marinela Hernandez and Mike Diane Chelle Vio placed 6th and 8th for the same category, respectively.

Meanwhile, Ma. Kathleen Victoria, Edrian Banania, Veronica Guevarra, Erica Reyes, and John Drin Malabanan competed in the Fundamentals of ABM 1 Category.

“This is a good venue and exposure for our students to interact with other schools and to introduce CMDI as a school,” according to Ms. Glenda Lagarile, Deputy Director of the Degree Educational Partnership (DEP).

The institution recognizes the help and support of the following coaches in this achievement: Engr. Micky Kalaw, Mathematics Instructor; and Accounting Instructors, Ms. Leniefer Pielago and Ms. Ara Joyce Villegas.

“Our representatives were really stressed a day before the competition so I explained that CMDI is not pressuring them to win,” said Ms. Lagarile. “Whether we win or lose, what matters most is the experience, exposure, and learnings,” she added.

The ten students earned praises and congratulations as they were recognized during CMDI’s morning assembly on March 6, 2017. Dr. Edzel Ramos, Vice President for Training and Development, commended their impressive performance and for giving CMDI a great reason to be proud.

ggOverall placer.

Rein Romari Malabana, CMDI delegate, received an award as 2nd placer for the Business Mathematics Category during the 1st ABM Cup 2017. (Photo by Leniefer Pielago)

gThe competitors

Ten Grade 11 students represented CMDI in the 1st ABM Cup 2017. From left to right: John Drin Malabanan; Veronica Guevarra; Ma. Kathleen Victoria; Marinela Hernandez; Rica Jane Espinosa; Rein Romari Malabana; Mike Diane Chelle Vio; Trisha Joy Ancajas; Erica Reyes; and Edrian Banania. (Photo by Leniefer Pielago)

dFull support.

The coaches were very proud of the students’ achievement. From left to right: Ms. Glenda Lagarile, Deputy Director of DEP; Ms. Leniefer Pielago and Ms. Ara Joyce Villegas, Accounting Instructors; and Engr. Micky Kalaw, Mathematics Instructor. (Photo by Ma. Kathleen Victoria)


CMDI acknowledged student representatives’ effort and accomplishment. From left to right: Dr. Edzel Ramos, Vice President for Training and Development; Ms. Glenda Lagarile, DEP Deputy Director; 10 student representatives; Ms. Analeen Suelto, DEP Senior Program Manager; and Engr. Micky Kalaw, Mathematics Instructor. (Photo by Paul Dumdum)

By Dianne B. Ubaldo