SCHOOL YEAR 2017-2018


May 1-31 Enrollment for the 1st Semester
June 1-30 Dengue Awareness Month

National Kidney Month

June 2 General Faculty Meeting
June 5-9 Faculty Induction
June 8 Students’ General Orientation Day
June 9-10 Subject Orientation Day
June 12 Philippine Independence Day (Regular Holiday)
June 13 Beginning of the 1st Semester Classes
June 15 First General Meeting of Parents
June 19 Laguna Day
June 23 Orientation Day For Late Enrollees
June 26 Eid’l Fitar (Regular Holiday)
July 1-31 National Nutrition Month

National Disaster and Preparedness Month

Deworming of SHS Students (Round 1)

July 13-14 Long Test for the First Quarter
July 19 Gender Orientations and Awareness Seminar
July 22 Acquaintance Party
August 1-31 National Lung Month

National Breastfeeding Awareness

August 7-13 ASEAN Week
August 17-18 First Quarter Examinations
August 19 Buwan ng Wika
August 21 Ninoy Aquino Day (Special Non-working Day)
August 21-25 National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week
August 26 Distribution of Report Cards and Parent-Teacher Conference
August 24-28 Career Guidance Week
August 28 Araw ng Bae

National Heroes Day (Regular Holiday)

September 1 Savings Day

Eid’l Adha

September 5-October 5 National Teacher’s Month
September 9 Microinsurance Day
September 21 Edsa People Power Commemoration Day
September 21-22 Long Test for the Second Quarter
October 1-31 Health Education Month
October 5 World Teachers’ Day
October 6 Global Hand Washing Day
October 26-27 Second Quarter Examinations
October 30-Nov 3 Start of Semestral Break
November 11 Distribution of Report Cards and Parent-Teacher Conference
November 11 Submission of First Semestral Grade to the Registrar

Schedule of Activities for 1st Semester 2017-2018
– (Subject to change when necessary)